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  1. Wilkins Design Loves Art & Families!

    'Small Family Unit' - A sculpture that celebrates family and the beauty of reclaimed wood & salvaged metal!...
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  2. Meet Tait - A Coffee Table that's Tough Enough to join Your Family

    Strength & beauty combined! This sturdy and stylish salvaged wood coffee table is strong enough to make even the busiest space more handsome....
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  3. Here Comes Lisa Short

    'Lisa Short' is a stylish side table with a round metal base painted black and a square richly coloured reclaimed wood top. A beautiful conversation p...
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  4. Don't Be A Square!

    Who says a table must have 4 sides?! These salvaged wood triangular side tables are all about 'thinking outside of the box'. ...
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  5. Hardworking & Beautiful

    When you're looking for a real statement piece for your home it's often difficult to find the look you want with the functionality you need. We totall...
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  6. 'Shed' Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table - SOLD

    Reclaimed 'Shed Door' coffee table with hardware. Cedar shed door (including door hardware) transformed into a rustic and functional coffee table.
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  7. 'Dennis' Narrow Side Table

    Sometimes you just need a table but don't have the space for a traditional side table. The salvaged barn board top combined with the bare steel legs t
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  8. 'Tradition - Old World' Console Table - SOLD

    ​A beautiful and substantial console table created from thick slab of salvaged weathered barn board combined with an ornate steel base to give a sen
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  9. 'Nicole' Coffee Table - SOLD

    Beautiful and Family Friendly. This sturdy coffee table made from salvaged wood and unpainted steel is perfect for any space. An absolute show stopper
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  10. 'Sandra' Entrance Hall Stool - SOLD

    This Work of Art is an absolute show stopper! Designed as a practical entrance way stool, this piece would also make a magnificent table for a small s
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  11. 'Canton' Factory Table - SOLD

    3rd time lucky for this salvaged wood. The top of this incredible coffee table was once the floor of a busy factory in Rhode Island, then re-purposed
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  12. 'Rebecca' Salvaged Wood Table - SOLD

    This salvaged wood coffee table will make your space more beautiful and more functional, a great piece for any place that you enjoy putting your feet
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  13. 'Anita' Salvaged Wood Table - SOLD

    This salvaged wood coffee table will make your space more beautiful and more functional. The salvaged wood top has highlights of yellow and streaks of
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  14. 'Dream State' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    'Dream State' is created from a collection of salvaged metal pieces mounted on a beautifully textured metal plate with a reclaimed wood base. Absolut
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  15. 'Small Family Unit' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    Salvaged metal and reclaimed wood were used to create this wonderful tribute to the 'Small Family Unit'. This delightful sculpture has been created fr
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  16. '1963' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    '1963' is created from a collection of salvaged metal rings & ballbearings mounted on a beautifully flowing piece of reclaimed wood. Absolutely stunn
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  17. 'Tanja' Salvaged Wood Table - SOLD

    'Tanja' combines the light bright look of Scandinavian style with the industrial chic of reclaimed wood & steel. This durable coffee table is perfect
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  18. 'Maggie with Child & Myles' Mixed Media Sculptures

    This large scale sculpture duo was inspired by the newest members of our family. Stylish, contemporary, eye-catching and absolutely delightful! .
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  19. 'Moonscape' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    Beautiful small salvaged metal and reclaimed wood sculpture.
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  20. 'Treasure' Salvaged Wood & Metal Sculpture

    This is an enticing piece with smooth lines and wonderful character created by the cracks and 'flaws' in this discarded turned piece of wood. 
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2020 Studio Tour Weekend

Oh how the world has changed in just 12 months! When we would normally be gearing up to invite you into our home, studio, gallery to explore our newest work this year we find ourselves exploring new ways to share our art, and stay in touch with our friends and followers.

2018 Uxbridge Studio Tour Weekend Is Here!

Our studio is ready and waiting for you to drop by. We're excited to show you what we've been creating over the past 12 months. 

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  • Absolutely the most beautiful table we have ever owned. Fine craftsmanship and unique details. Friendly people, creative designs and made promptly to specific specifications. More than happy with the finished product. Thanks Mike and Lesley!
    - Christine D.