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  1. Wilkins Design Loves Art & Families!

    'Small Family Unit' - A sculpture that celebrates family and the beauty of reclaimed wood & salvaged metal!...
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  2. Meet Tait - A Coffee Table that's Tough Enough to join Your Family

    Strength & beauty combined! This sturdy and stylish salvaged wood coffee table is strong enough to make even the busiest space more handsome....
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  3. Introducing '3' - Our Fabulous New Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    This stunning new piece by Wilkins Design is created from 3 salvaged metal rings mounted on a beautifully textured metal base....
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  4. 'Toronto' Bosse Live Edge Table - SOLD

    A stunning off-cut slice of live edge Bosse Wood which we discovered at our favourite wood merchant. This was a new wood piece but too misshapen and d
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  5. 'Sandra' Entrance Hall Stool - SOLD

    This Work of Art is an absolute show stopper! Designed as a practical entrance way stool, this piece would also make a magnificent table for a small s
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  6. 'Impact' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    Strength, beauty & a strong sense of movement are all portrayed by this stunning sculpture created by Wilkins Design from a variety of salvaged metals
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  7. 'Collection of Identical Differences'

    Why stick with basic black when you can have so much more? This lively sculpture will add a splash of colour, structure, and fun to any room.
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  8. 'Pegg' Gargantuan Salvaged Mirror - SOLD

    Don't let walls stop you from having a huge looking room. This amazing salvaged mirror with steel frame will make any space look ginormous! What are y
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  9. 'Cooperative' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    A powerful conversation piece, this small salvaged metal sculpture makes the perfect focal point for your coffee table or desk.
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  10. 'Companions' Table Top Sculpture - SOLD

    'Companions' is a heartwarming modern sculpture made of solid steel. A beautiful tribute to friends and lovers everywhere.
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  11. '3' Salvaged Metal Sculpture - SOLD

    3 salvaged metal rings mounted on a beautifully textured metal base create an outstanding sculpture that's sure to capture everyone's eye. '3' by Wilk
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  12. 'Feast' Reclaimed Wood & Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    'Feast' is a charming reclaimed wood and salvaged metal sculpture reminiscent of an overflowing fruit bowl. This lovely bowl had been a woodturning pr
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  13. 'Dream State' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    'Dream State' is created from a collection of salvaged metal pieces mounted on a beautifully textured metal plate with a reclaimed wood base. Absolut
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  14. 'Small Family Unit' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    Salvaged metal and reclaimed wood were used to create this wonderful tribute to the 'Small Family Unit'. This delightful sculpture has been created fr
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  15. '1963' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    '1963' is created from a collection of salvaged metal rings & ballbearings mounted on a beautifully flowing piece of reclaimed wood. Absolutely stunn
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  16. 'Maggie with Child & Myles' Mixed Media Sculptures

    This large scale sculpture duo was inspired by the newest members of our family. Stylish, contemporary, eye-catching and absolutely delightful! .
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  17. 'Moonscape' Salvaged Metal Sculpture

    Beautiful small salvaged metal and reclaimed wood sculpture.
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  18. 'Treasure' Salvaged Wood & Metal Sculpture

    This is an enticing piece with smooth lines and wonderful character created by the cracks and 'flaws' in this discarded turned piece of wood. 
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2020 Studio Tour Weekend

Oh how the world has changed in just 12 months! When we would normally be gearing up to invite you into our home, studio, gallery to explore our newest work this year we find ourselves exploring new ways to share our art, and stay in touch with our friends and followers.

2018 Uxbridge Studio Tour Weekend Is Here!

Our studio is ready and waiting for you to drop by. We're excited to show you what we've been creating over the past 12 months. 

Yes, you can shop online!

Of course, our items are one-of-a-kind, but if a piece isn't already spoken for, we'll post it to our online shop here.

Happy Customers Speak Up!

  • A huge congrats on an awesome first show. The pieces on display were beautiful examples of form partnering with function. Genuine artistry.
    - Sorrelle T.