2021 Uxbridge Studio Tour Weekend Is Almost Here!

2021 Uxbridge Studio Tour Weekend Is Almost Here!

Well, we may be masked and sanitized but we're back to hosting a live 'open doors' studio tour this year! For 2021 our home/studio will also be hosting 3 amazing guest artists - Jewelry Designer Jeannine Rosenberg, Aboriginal Fine Artist Donald Chrétien, and Ceramic Artist Ann Cummings. We hope you'll be joining us Sept 18 -19!!

What is the Wilkins Design team doing for Studio Tour weekend?

Well... this year we are cautiously optimistic that we will have our doors open and be welcoming in lots of eager tour visitors! Naturally, masks will be mandatory, and hand sanitizer will be at the door to use on your way in, but we hope you'll stop by. After all - couldn't we all use a little more art these days!?

Who are this year's fabulous guest artists?

Every year we are delighted to host artist's who's work we admire and want to show our guests. The artists that you will find this year at Studio Site 11 are:

Mike Wilkins

  • So if you've found your way to this blog then you already know who we are. But in case you're new... Mike creates wonderful one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural art pieces out of salvaged and reclaimed materials. Sometimes the work is earthy, other times it's brutally industrial. The eclectic mix of materials and his designs give our home studio a cool city vibe even though the building is over 100 years old. 

Jeannine Rosenberg

  • Jeannine has been a guest at our Uxbridge Studio Tour site a few times... that's because we love her work! Incredible stones from around the world, transformed into stunning wearable art you are going to adore. You can learn more about Jeannine's work at her Rosenberg Designs website.

Donald Chrétien

  • Aboriginal fine artist Donald Chrétien is new to our artist tour this year but not new to the area. Having shown his work across Canada we are delighted that he has time to spend the weekend showing his incredible artwork to our tour visitors. Want to find out more about Donald and his vast portfolio of work? Check out Donald's artist bio on the Uxbridge Studio Tour website. You will be blown away!

Ann Cummings

  • Ceramic artist Ann Cummings has been a firm favourite on the tour for many years. Her incredible sculpture pieces are like dreamscapes. While much of her work is decorative, Ann also does a number of original functional pieces that can make art a part of your every day experience. Find out more about Ann Cummings on her Uxbridge Studio Tour bio page.

Where is our studio located?

This year we are Studio Site 11. Our home studio gallery is located on the east side of beautiful historic Uxbridge - 112 Brock Street East. You won't be able to miss us, we're the big red brick Victorian house with all of the Studio Tour signs outside. 

How do I take part in the Studio Tour?

Never been on a Studio Tour before? It's easy.

  1. Visit the website and plan which studios you want to visit. Remember that it takes time to travel between studios so plan accordingly. In our experience visiting 5-6 studios is the maximum you will want to plan for...and that's if you really take the project seriously. A more leisurely approach would be 2 in the morning, a break for lunch at one of our sponsor locations, then 2 studios in the afternoon. 
  2. If there is no lineup, don your mask, sanitize your hands, and come on in! Due to Covid we will be restricting the number of people allowed in each room at any given time, so we apologize in advance if you need to wait in line to get in.
  3. Browse the art, chat with the artists, purchase any work that you love and that's it! There is no obligation to buy (but we'd be lying if we said that we didn't want you to). 
  4. Tell your friends!

Looking for more details?

For more details on this year's artists, where the studios are located, and more visit uxbridgestudiotour.com 


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2022 Uxbridge Studio Tour Is Here!

We are thrilled to be taking part once again in the Uxbridge Studio Tour, and what a lineup of guest artists we have! Visit us Sept 17 -18 to see the spectacular leather work of Chandra Cutter, one-of-a-kind jewellery from Kim Price, and outstanding aboriginal fine art from Donald Chrétien - as well as our latest salvaged material pieces!!

Mike Wilkins, studio site 11 of the Uxbridge Studio Tour will be welcoming guests Sept 18 & 19 2012

We hope to see you this September!

Drop by to browse our one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural pieces. See some of our latest pieces here.

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  • A huge congrats on an awesome first show. The pieces on display were beautiful examples of form partnering with function. Genuine artistry.
    - Sorrelle T.