We Wish You All the Very Best this Holiday Season!

We Wish You All the Very Best this Holiday Season!

Another great year of scavenging, salvaging and creating is drawing to a close so we'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for making 2017 fabulous. All of us at Wilkins Design couldn't be happier. We have the very best customers!

As the insanity of last minute Christmas shopping comes to a climax, we'd like to take some time to reflect on the great people we've had an opportunity to meet and work with over the past year. 

We can look back on an absolutely rocking 2017 Uxbridge Studio Tour when our home/gallery was filled with new people as well as some familiar faces. Some visitors were brimming with enthusiasm about their ideas for custom designs, and we're delighted that we could make many of those ideas come to life for you. Some people were excited to find ready made pieces that were exactly what they needed for their space. Still others were just soaking up the ideas and enjoying the artwork. Thank you all for stopping by.

This year we also had the great pleasure of meeting several new clients who discovered us online (thanks Google), and we are thrilled that you gave us a call.  

All of us at Wilkins Design wish you a safe & wonderful holiday season filled with joy and laughter!

Thank you for making 2017 special!

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2022 Uxbridge Studio Tour Is Here!

We are thrilled to be taking part once again in the Uxbridge Studio Tour, and what a lineup of guest artists we have! Visit us Sept 17 -18 to see the spectacular leather work of Chandra Cutter, one-of-a-kind jewellery from Kim Price, and outstanding aboriginal fine art from Donald Chrétien - as well as our latest salvaged material pieces!!

Mike Wilkins, studio site 11 of the Uxbridge Studio Tour will be welcoming guests Sept 18 & 19 2012

We hope to see you this September!

Drop by to browse our one-of-a-kind functional and sculptural pieces. See some of our latest pieces here.

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  • WOW!!! I am so super impressed by your website and your work. I'm going to promote this site far and wide.
    - Bettina A.