Artists of the 2016 Uxbridge Studio Tour Say Thanks to Frankie's Restaurant for their Continuing Support!

Artists of the 2016 Uxbridge Studio Tour Say Thanks to Frankie's Restaurant for their Continuing Support!

Putting on an event like the Uxbridge Studio Tour is no small feat and the artists couldn't do it without the backing of our wonderful sponsors. Here's a little piece I wrote to say thanks to Frankie's Restaurant in beautiful downtown Uxbridge for their continuing support...

Frankie’s – Dietary Restrictions Inspire Culinary Delights

It’s totally cliché but I’m going to say this anyway; cooking is an art. From the moment an idea for a recipe pops into the creator’s imagination, choosing ingredients, cutting, slicing, curing, cooking, arranging, and re-arranging, right up until the grand unveiling and finally savouring the mosaic of flavors. Feeding others well is the work of a true artist. 

Now take that entire artistic process and place tight constraints around it. For some, uncompromising restrictions stifle inspiration, but for a very talented few it excites the imagination and encourages great ideas to flourish.

The culinary masterminds behind Frankie’s restaurant fall well and truly into the second category. These creative souls have tackled serious dietary restrictions with aplomb!

Frankie's began in 2008 as the first 100% gluten-free restaurant in North America, was the First Level 3 (highest level) LEAF certified restaurant in Ontario, and named Most Innovative Bakery 2011 by Bakers Journal. But they didn’t stop there.

Created initially in the memory of her son Frankie who had been born with Celiac disease, head chef/owner Donna van Veghel-Wood understood that for people living with serious food allergies dining out could be a terrifying experience. It was her goal to create a beautiful and inviting restaurant that offered a range of fresh, healthy, and delicious dishes which actually celebrate the absence of certain ingredients. Frankie’s was designed to be the place where a gluten intolerant person could relax, spend a wonderful evening out with friends or family, not worry about ingredients or preparation methods, but also not worry about the people they are with. Frankie’s is not only a gluten free environment but also a peanut- and nut-free environment! Everyone will find something wonderful to enjoy.

But wait, so maybe you’re not gluten intolerant and peanuts aren’t a problem for you.  Don’t let that stop you from visiting Frankie’s! The atmosphere is inviting, the staff are friendly, and the Mediterranean inspired dishes are exciting, innovative, and a pleasure to eat. Vegan? Yup, there’s actually a selection of menu options for you to choose from at Frankie’s. Diabetic? Oh yeah, Frankie’s has something for you. Meat lover? There’s something on Frankie’s menu for you. Seafood your thing? Fresh seafood options are always available at Frankie’s. Just looking for a snack? Frankie’s even has that! Drop by and grab a fabulous muffin and coffee!

This year when you’re busily planning your Uxbridge Studio Tour weekend be sure to include Frankie’s as a place to refuel. Drop in for a quick sit down, or take-out lunch, or why not give Frankie’s a call and make reservations for dinner. What could be more perfect than ending a day of art exploration with an evening of flavor exploration?  

Bakery hours: 9:30 - close

Opening for lunch at the weekend: Saturday: 11.00 onwards; Sunday 10.30 – 2.30 brunch

Phone #: 905 852 1011

Address: 1 Main St. Uxbridge. L9P 1P7

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