Sometimes All You Need is A Little Love & Support

Sometimes All You Need is A Little Love & Support

Projects come to Wilkins Design in a myriad of ways. Sometimes a client is looking for something special that they have dreamed of but can't find in a traditional furniture store, sometimes clients love one of the salvaged wood tables or art pieces already displayed on our website, but sometimes a client will present us with something beautiful that just needs a little help to shine.

For our current project a dear friend has given us the task of preserving the remains of a once strong and noble tree as a beautiful piece of sculpture for her home.This project is less about design and function and much more about love, respect and a deep inexplicable connection.

Ok, so we are fully aware that all wood comes from beautiful and magestic trees, and working with reclaimed and salvaged wood is what we do,  but this tree was special. 

This tree had remained a proud and determined part of our local forest long after it was able to produce any form of greenery. The trunk, twisted and gnarled from its constant fight against the elements, was an inspiration to those who took an extra moment to really look at the tree

For one very special person this battered old tree was the ultimate example of that special beauty which is the external representation of great inner strength, determination, and resilience. 

Not long ago the remains of this tree no longer had the strength to stand of own accord. The tree, with all of its beauty still intact, needed a little help from its friends, and so love and friendship brought it to our doorstep for a little support and nurturing. 

It falls to us to not only help the tree stand once more, but to allow this tree's spirit to continue to inspire those who love it. We are overjoyed to have been given an opportunity to produce a modern and beautiful piece of art for our dear friend, and we look forward to seeing the finished piece once it finds its place in her beautiful home.

Here is our work in progress...we are loving it already...finished product soon.

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