New Client / New Design

New Client  / New Design

The Wilkins Design Team have been having fun this past few weeks working on a new and beautiful side-table design for our latest clients. 

Matching the desires of the client without losing sight of the artist's vision is a difficult balancing act but it has been worth every drop of sweat.

We love the results of our latest collaboration!

Lemon Side-Table

These side-tables needed to be beautiful and original but above all functional for the client.

A place to rest a glass of wine (without fear of tipping), and a place to house the speakers of an outstanding sound system.

I can't wait to see how the clients incorporate these beautiful reclaimed wood tables into their living space! 

Each piece we create is special to us and we hope that our clients feel the same.

And now it's time to move on...this time we are ready for some serious self-expression in the form of art inspired console tables...Coming Soon!

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2020 Studio Tour Weekend

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2018 Uxbridge Studio Tour Weekend Is Here!

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Yes, you can shop online!

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Happy Customers Speak Up!

  • A huge congrats on an awesome first show. The pieces on display were beautiful examples of form partnering with function. Genuine artistry.
    - Sorrelle T.